“ Addictive Heart Energy can be thought of as being almost like an intense attractor field in the heart, which is behind the intense pull of addictions. In the same way that the gravitational field of a black hole is so intense not even a beam of light can escape it. An addictive Heart Energy is, we believe, the driving force behind addictions. We found that it is not possible to have an Addictive Heart Energy without first having a Heart-Wall at some point. The Heart-Wall may be removed but the removal of the Heart-Wall will not remove the Addictive Heart Energy. It appears that sometimes the Heart-Wall needs to be removed before the Addictive Heart Energy can be removed, but this is not always the case.” 

Dr Bradley Nelson.

Addictions can come in many forms, from alchohol, food, sex, shopping to an intense desire to want to help others. This intense desire to help others may come with a cost to our own health. We are unable to say No to requests for our time, even when we are feeling so tired we can hardly take care of ourselves. This is a form of addiction.

All addictions, I believe are filling a need within us, a need for love, acceptance, a cry for help. Beneath it there is an underlying fear, clearing the Heart Wall and clearing the Addictive Heart energy are a route to identifying the underlying energies and helping us to heal.