Angel inspiration

I was inspired by a dream to design an Angel..In my dream, I saw a number of angels moving as if on a carousel above my bed.On waking, I could still recall that beautiful image and after a few days decided to draw what I had seen in an attempt to capture the image on paper.

A few days prior to this I had watched a very moving documentary, showing injured servicemen returning home from Afghanistan. I was deeply shocked by their injuries and humbled by the incredible bravery of those who were making the difficult and potentially dangerous journey to bring them home.

After some contemplation and discussion with a dear friend, I decided to have the image of the Angel made into a piece of jewellery to sell in order to aid their charity H4H

Some months before, I had visited Glastonbury and quite by chance discovered a small workshop owned and run by Julian Chatt who designs and makes jewellery: I immediately thought of him and was thrilled when he offered to make the design in to Angel Pendants.

Within a couple of months, my dream had moved from paper to this beautiful little bronze angel.Each Angel is blessed with unconditional love and can either be worn by you or given to a loved one, as a gentle reminder that…‘ your Angel is always with you, bringing gentle blessings, protection and love ‘

They are priced at £7 each, with 20% of each sale given to H4H