Frequently asked Questions about the Emotion Code Method…

The Emotion Code, created over a period of 20 years, by Dr.Bradley Nelson is an exciting, wonderfully simple new form of energy work for identifying and releasing Trapped Emotions, Trauma, Negative Beliefs and Programming. If you have unresolved pain and anxiety in your life or are experiencing unfulfilling relationships, the Emotion Code may be the treatment that you are looking for. Clearing trapped emotions and negative beliefs will allow you to live a life experiencing greater peace and fulfilment. Please see the video clip below featuring Dr. Nelson with regards to the effects of holding trapped emotions

A little about me…I became a Certified practitioner of The Emotion Code in 2010. I have always felt, particularly with my work as a Nurse and when specialising in Cardiac Rehabilitation, that unexpressed emotions, unresolved stress and trauma lay at the root of many illnesses and conditions. It was so wonderful to discover the Emotion Code and I was so impressed by it’s relative simplicity in getting to the root of an issue without the need for lengthy discussions.  My personal integrity and professional code of conduct ensures patient confidentiality at all times and I offer the reasurance that I will never share anything you tell me, even the fact that you are a client is confidential and will not be shared without your permission. I may often utilise a mixture of my modalities within a session, with your permission, in order to best provide for the Highest and best outcome for a client, guided by their individual needs and their presenting condition.

Identifying and Releasing trapped Emotions, Trauma, Negative Beliefs and programs, What happens during a session…? Together, during a 30minute session, over the telephone, via Zoom, or in person, we use muscle testing/ kinesiology/dowsing to identify any Trapped Emotions, Negative programming,Trauma and Negative Beliefs (and their origins) that your body is ready to release.

So how are Emotions/ Programs and Trauma released..? Once enough information has been obtained, the emotions are then released simply and easily, by running a magnet or your hand several times along the Governing Meridian (from the brow of the nose, over the top of the head and down the back of the neck).We then determine, again using kinesiology, that the emotion has been released, before moving on to test for further trapped energies. By holding the purest of Intentions, I find the energies are now released without the use of either the magnet or hands.

When are Trapped emotions created…? Interestingly, emotions can be trapped at anytime, even at the point of conception and birth. Trapped emotions, beliefs and programs may also be carried forward from birth, pre-conception and also be trapped or picked up during our time in the womb! In ‘Why Love Matters’ the author, Sue Gerhardt, writes that the foetal nervous system records womb experiences and that emotional information from the mother’s experiences have already affected the individual’s personality! Certainly from my experience in using the Emotion Code, many of my clients have trapped emotions from their time in the womb. Often the emotion does not belong to the client, but is picked up from their mother. We are so directly connected to our mother during the time in the womb, nutritionally and energetically, it follows that we are emotionally connected. If, for example our Mother is distressed, we will feel it too. Using the Emotion Code we are able to identify and release emotions that were downloaded from our mother and are subsequently having a negative effect on our life outside of the womb.They can be carried forward not just from direct experience in this lifetime.from previous lifetimes or programmed or inherited from ancestors, our culture, from the collective and cultural consciousness and picked up from others, particularly if we are very sensitive or empathic.

Are there other Points of creation for Trapped Emotions…? as well as those discussed above from pre-conception, at the point of conception and birth, there are those that may be programmed or inherited from ancestors, our culture, from the collective and cultural consciousness and picked up from others, particularly if we are very sensitive or empathic

How do we clear the energies if I am in a different time Zone…? I also offer to work as a proxy for clients who are unable to be present during a session e.g. due to time differences for overseas clients.  A list of the emotions/energies cleared are emailed immediately following the session. 

How do I pay…? To secure your Emotion Code telephone or Skype appointment time, payment is required at the time of booking, via Paypal, thank you. Please see on-line shop or pay through Paypal to jane@healingconsciousness.co.uk

Benefits of the Emotion Code…? The Emotion Code works with many conditions on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Unless trapped emotions and trauma are brought to conscious awareness and released, their presence can interfere with the healthy flow of life force energy in the body. They may have a negative effect on our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing, our relationships and our ability to fully express who we truly are. They can also take a toll on our energy levels with energy being diverted to maintain our emotional baggage. In utilising the Emotion Code, we are able to discover where there is any energy lodged and the effect it is having on the body. A growing body of evidence suggests that unresolved negative emotions have the power to create cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, tension and clogged arteries. Following research undertaken by Duke University (USA) on the relationship between emotional response and the effect on heart health, it was discovered that long term experiences of eg fear, frustration and anxiety are detrimental to our heart health. The Hoffman institute in England also discovered a link between unresolved hurts..effectively trapped emotions…with problems such as high blood pressure, stomach problems and lower immunity! From this it appears that releasing ourselves from stored/trapped/unresolved emotions and trauma may have a long term beneficial effect on our health.

How many sessions are required…?  It looks so simple, and the effects can be very profound. The majority of people feel better almost instantly, reporting that they feel ‘lighter with a sense of calmness,’ as if a weight has been lifted from them; others experience the changes more subtly and over time. However, it is important to be aware that deep rooted issues will require more than one session and benefits will occur as you allow yourself the time to heal.

How and when do Emotions become trapped…? It is human nature to experience emotions and we often experience a range of emotions on a daily basis…with occasional peaks of sadness or depression, to real joy and happiness. Generally we naturally process and express our emotions, our feelings, hopefully in a healthy way that allows us to be heard,and the emotion dissipates and leaves us. Later, if we think back to the situation that caused us to feel e.g. angry, we now feel a calmness, the energy of anger has gone, thankfully! However, sometimes our physical body cannot process an emotion and the energy becomes stuck, perhaps when we are overwhelmed or traumatised; when our defences are down; or when we are unable to fully express emotions by blocking or “stuffing it down,”resulting in the emotional energy becoming trapped. From my own experience, I was often told as a child that ‘children should be seen and not heard ‘.I would experience not only the fear of being ‘seen’ but also guilt for feeling anger. We can see the confusing message and potential damage in this. It is known that ‘the English’ are often known for ‘their stiff upper lip’ approach to life, programmed to believe that we shouldn’t discuss our issues, our emotions and feelings.

Where does that energy go to if it is unexpressed…? Have you experienced the feeling of anger or hurt in the present day from an event or situation that you were involved with years ago? Perhaps feeling resentment? Our body begins to resonate with the energy of that resentment and eventually we may begin to develop physical or emotional symptons as a result. If, for example, we had an experience of profound unexpressed sadness in our early life, we continue to hold the energy of that memory as an energetic imprint or memory.  In short: any negative emotion that is not fully faced and seen for what it is in the moment it arises, does not completely dissolve. It leaves behind a remnant.  Consequently, it is then much easier to become sad, because we already have the ‘stuck’ vibration of that energy within us, the energy amplifies as the first energy attracts another “like” energy.  Also, if we are empathic we feel an others’ emotions so strongly that we hold on to it as if it is our own.

Are there Additional Benefits from having a session of The Emotion Code? the method can be effective in many areas including :

  • releasing blocks to finding and experiencing satisfying romantic relationships
  • harmonious relationships with friends, family or colleagues.
  • releasing anxiety
  • increased confidence
  • identifying and releasing trauma
  • removal of O.C.D symptoms
  • release from phobias
  • increased feeling of wellbeing
  • pain release

Whilst it would be unwise to claim that trapped emotions cause disease, I have never treated anyone with a disease or condition that did not have trapped emotions contributing to the problem.

Does it work with animals…? It works very well with animals, for example, Moses a stray, neglected cat became far more relaxed and noticeably less timid after just one session and is now a calm, loving and much loved family pet. Permission is required by the owner of the pet prior to treatment and also of the veterinary surgeon responsible for their care. There are circumstances where veterinary input is not required, for example, a friend visited and was deeply distressed by the sudden disappearance of her 10year old cat, Max. He had been involved in a spat with a younger cat that had ventured into his ‘patch’ and had come off worse. He was reported as appearing obviously depressed and distressed and had been missing for 9days. Using the Emotion Code, several emotions were cleared..including, Humiliation. My friend arrived home after her visit and there sitting on the doormat, was Max. Could it be that clearing the emotions helped his return?

Can we use this with Children…? Absolutely, children of all ages can benefit from the Emotion Code as long as Parental consent is received. We can work together or using the proxy method to identify and clear trapped energies.

Buildings…? are an entity within themselves and can hold emotions within their walls. If we consider that the rooms have housed and entertained numerous dynamics throughout the years, some happy, others sad or traumatic, the energy may be resonating within the walls Perhaps you have had an experience of walking into a room and not caring for it’s energy? Clearing trapped emotions can have an uplifting effect on the building and it’s inhabitants!

If you would like to learn more about the Emotion Code or to make an appointment to discuss the Emotion Code method, please do not hesitate to contact me.  (Please see Contact page for options)

Morphic fields/ Pain body/ Negative Programming…: We also work with the Morphic Fields where appropriate, releasing you from fields of the Collective Consciousness that are no longer beneficial to you, or are restricting your personal growth, connecting you to Morphic Fields that are more beneficial. Please see individual pages for more information.

To secure your Emotion Code telephone or Zoom appointment time, payment is required at the time of booking, via Paypal, thank you. Please see on-line shop or pay through Paypal to jane@healingconsciousness.co.uk

Please note: The Emotion Code works in conjunction with other therapies and alongside traditional Medical treatment. It is advisable to discuss with your Doctor or Health Care Professional before commencing any other treatment. Please read Disclaimer on the Home page.

It is a wonderful journey and I look forward to hearing from you.