Vows, Commitments and Oaths: Whilst working with clients and clearing energies on myself, I reaslised that many of us appear to carry the energetic vibration of Vows, Commitments and Oaths that we have made in the past, either in this lifetime or during Past lives.

We may have had past lives where we took vows of Poverty, Charity, Chastity etc. for religious or for aesthetic reasons. We may have vowed, informally, to love an individual ‘for eternity’. and through marriage we commit to our vows during our wedding ceremony.

We also vow to serve our Master, our King/ Queen or country.

It appears that these energies are felt with such a strong emotional vibration the energetic imprint remains with us and carry forward into our current life. It also appears that we meet and have relationships with the same soul in many lifetimes ( Many Lives, Many Masters/ Same Soul, Many Bodies by Dr,Brian Weiss )The lifetimes with these individuals may be filled with love or filled with pain and hurt and releasing old vows, commitments etc that no longer serve the Soul’s growth, allows the individuals to move on to greater experiences.

Energetic Cords can be likened to an umbilical cord. When we love another, we connect energetically to each other, usually at our Chakra points. These energies can often be seen clairvoyantly with the energies runnning between individuals at these points. When we divorce or end a relationship, the cords usually part and we are energetically free from the other. However, occasionally the cords remain intact and there is a difficulty letting go and moving on. Identifying and releasing the cords allows the individuals to move on.

If you feel that you are in a difficult relationship or ‘stuck’ in a relationship that you can’t let go of even though it is painful and you have tried everything to resolve it, there is a possibility that you have these energies vibrating within you.

They can easily be identified and cleared through using Kinesiology and this work can have a profound effect on our lives. There can be a sense of great release and healing.