Fees and Paypal

A Telephone or Zoom session of the Emotion code £70 Payment is required at the time of booking and is via Paypal or Bank Transfer. A paypal invoice request will be forwarded to your email account. Or alternatively, please pay via the ‘Shop page’ on the Website. Thank you.

It has been suggested by Dr Nelson, that sessions are limited to 30 minutes duration. Releasing energy can be very tiring and also sessions that run over can often lead to false positives when muscle testing. However, please allow 50 minutes as I often complete a session with a guided meditation in order to ensure that clients are well grounded at the end of a session. 

EMAIL SESSIONS via PROXY I also offer proxy sessions via email. £75 Payment is required at the time of booking via Paypal or Bank Transfer. Here sessions are carried out on your behalf and the findings of the emotions and negative beliefs released are emailed to you.