Mission Statement


1. Connection: I see all things in this world as part of Creation, including our enterprise. I am committed to utilising my business to foster greater Connection between all people and the planet. I believe Connection is fundamental to the healing of suffering, and to the flourishing of all the other Graces.

2. Inspiration: I will never use persuasion to influence my clients to think or act a particular way. I am committed to empower and inspire others through ideas, words and actions. I believe Inspiration can breathe life into all beings.

3. Invitation: I believe everyone has a right to their own space. I will always ask permission to connect with you, and when I do, I will be respectful, courteous and gracious. I believe the art of Invitation can restore friendship and trust in our society.

4. Directness: I believe it helps no one when a business hides behind lofty jargon, gimmicks and gloss. I will always speak as plainly and as directly as I can, free from disempowering distractions. I believe Directness and kindness can restore trust in our society.

5. Transparency: I will never use deceptive language or empty promises. I will never attempt to appear more than I am, or make promises that I cannot deliver. I will express my values and beliefs openly, and allow those values and beliefs to be expressed in how we work together. I believe Transparency and Honesty can create a beautiful world.

6. Abundance: I will never use scarcity and fear to manipulate others into spending money. I believe there is enough in the Universe for all when we live in harmony and rhythm with the planet and each other. I believe Abundance is everywhere, if we look at the world with different eyes.

7. Collaboration: I believe competition makes us weaker, not stronger. I believe Collaboration in business keeps positive energy flowing to create stronger communities. I believe Collaboration always results in something greater than the sum of its parts. I believe Collaboration builds greater Connection, from which all the other Graces spring.