Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch: is a dynamic and highly effective technique utilising the natural inate life force energy within the practitioner, to gently raise the energy vibration of the client who is ill or in pain, to the vibrational level of well-being.

Our body has the extraordinary intelligence and ability to heal itself and will do so when given the right energetic, emotional and nutritional environment.The Quantum Touch practitioner is trained in how to focus and amplify life force energy…known as Chi, Ki or Prana in eastern cultures… by combining various breathing techniques, body awareness exercises and holding a pure energy of intention. When the practitioner holds a higher vibrational field of energy around the affected area of the client’s body, the client naturally matches the vibration of the practitioner… through Resonance and Entrainment… allowing the client’s own biological intelligence to do whatever healing is necessary. The innate healing ability of each cell within our body actually does the rest of the work, as well-being is the natural state that each cell of our body is working to maintain.

As Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum Touch observes:

‘ the practitioner provides the resonant energy to allow others to heal themselves ‘

For in-depth reading of the nature of resonance and entrainment see:
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Quantum Touch has been used successfully in incidences of physical pain including:

  • Neck, Back, Shoulder, Leg, Hip and Arm pain
  • Spinal misalignments ( see ‘Quantum Touch.’ Richard Gordon 1999 )
  • Episodes of Inflamation
  • Emotional Pain.

Treatment: I offer a 15 minute consultation beforehand in order to discuss the client’s needs and expectations.This allows the client to determine if this is the correct treatment for them. The Energy Healing session incorporates the techniques of Quantum Touch and usually lasts for an hour, the patient remaining fully clothed or seated comfortably on a chair. More than one treatment may be required as we are all individuals and each body responds in different ways.

Quantum Touch complements traditional western medicine and other Holistic Therapies, however, it is advisable and appropriate to discuss with your Doctor or other health professional before commencing a course of treatment.If you require any further advice, please do not hesitate to contact me.I look forward to hearing from you.