Qi Kung for men

I was recently chatting to a neighbour who began to discuss her elderly husband and how difficult he is becoming to live with as he enters his elderly 80’s.

In her experience, he was becomg very stubborn, not wearing his hearing aids or showing a willingness to have the aids or his hearing checked by the audiologist at his local hospital…. refusing help with the Cash dispenser and forgetting his pass number to access funds…etc etc

Pride, he is a very proud man, brought up in a period of time where men were not encouraged to share their emotions, to cry openly …and to man up if they did, to be vulnerable and fragile… They were not allowed or encouraged to show ‘weakness’ in any shape or form.

We are very aware that men are far less likely to visit a Doctor with an ailment than women…’They cannnot be ill’,perhaps ancesterally they may be carrying the energy of ‘who will pay the bills and finance their family if they succumb to illness?’…particularly before the advent of the NHS in this country

Thankfully now, more and more men are opening to the spiritual aspect of their Being…seeking out complemenatry therapies and ways to care for themselves…with for example, energies such as practising and immersing themselves in Qi Kung

My colleague and friend Alessandro has breen practising Qi Kung for many years and is dedicating time to offer support to men, Thank you…

Please find below links to Alessandro’s website and a Video he has recently produced aimed at men and men’s health:


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